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Hi, My name is Mirjam.

By sharing my (travel) experiences with my 2 horses Meknes and Nikka with you, I want to inspire you to have a great relationship with yourself and your horse.

I want to inspire sensitive people with sensitive horses to be true to themselves. I do believe in a (horse) world where softness, empathy, compassion, openness and vulnerability are possible.

In the traditional horse world there are a lot of really good instructors who can teach you all about technique. That’s al very valuable. For some people it is just not what they are looking for in life. I have 2 horses who were not impressed by techniques. They wanted to be recognized at soul level for who they are.

My goal with Soulpride is to inspire you to walk your own path of friendship and connection with your horse. For that, I will share my experiences, mistakes, thoughts, lessons and inspirators with you.

I hope you find your own way of being with your horse.