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3. Working with horses – Trust

Trust? The last year I worked mainly with more 'challenging' horses. Horses with whom people had difficulties because of their behaviour and who lacked trust in humans. Agressive and difficult Some of the horses ran away when they saw a human coming with a halter,...

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2. You are so brave! Pilgrimage and fear

‘Que valiente eres!’ You are so brave! These are the words I heard most last year. Everywhere I went with my horses Meknes and Nikka on our pilgrimage to Santiago the Compostela, people called me brave for travelling 'alone' with them. I didn’t feel brave myself....

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1. Soulpride – Connecting to the essence

Soul, A beautiful word that refers to our deepest self, to the essence of who we are. Just close your eyes for a moment, and feel how great would it be, if we could truly be ourselves without masks. Unfortunately, many of us, put on a mask, because of what other...

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