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You make your way by walking

My name is Mirjam Voets. In 2017 I left the Netherlands with my horses, Meknes and Nikka, in order to find our home in Spain or Portugal. We let go of everything and started to travel. The period became almost 2 years, but I kept on trusting universe, that we would find our place. And we did. After 20 months, we found home.

Be the change you want to see in the world

My horses and me, are the living examples that you can overcome most obstacles in life. Being insecure ourselves, we traveled together through Europe. We faced many hardships and our journey was everything but easy. I (we) learned more about life, people, horses, universe and myself than I could ever dream of.

Faithful to my soul

What was most important for me, during our journey, was to always stay faithful to my soul and to those of my horses. I wanted to be able to look in the mirror at night, and be happy with myself. I just couldn’t change freedom, honesty, equality, transparency or authenticity for money or other motives. Even if it meant, that I had to leave at some places.

Recognizing the soul

I truly believe that we make the world much nicer, if we stay faithful to our souls and recognize the souls of others. People and horses can heal when they feel that their soul is heard and understood. 

When Meknes his soul was recognized, he started to shine. When horses feel loved and understood, we don’t need to control them. Then they simply want to be with us, they can shine from within.

Treat others (horses) as you want to be treated

A lot of times humans act ‘superior’ over horses. We make decisions for them, and they have to do whatever we tell them. Horses learn to shut up, or to shout very loud. I believe that we can treat horses in the same way, as we want to be treated. I try to fulfill their basic needs by, loving them, recognizing their soul and listen to them as good as I can. My horses can live 24/7 outside in a herd, with unlimited access to forage. 

What can I do for you?

I will help you (or your horse) to connect to your soul. We make sure you are gonna be happy with yourself first. From there you can have relationships with other (your horse), based on love and (self)compassion.

My qualities

My greatest gift is that I am transparent and not afraid to go toward the pain. I try to communicate to the soul (horse of human), instead of focusing on the behaviour (outer layer). I trust universe to guide me, and I am not afraid of challenges. I always try to heal myself a bit more, to be able to receive as much as possible.

Want to know more?

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