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More than riding

Do you feel there is more than just riding? Do you want to understand your horse better? Do you want to have a great connection with your horse? Do you want to work in liberty with your horse? Than you might want to continue reading.

Sensitive, intuitive, insecure

My name is Mirjam Voets. I adore horses. I am a very sensitive and have a strong intuition. My feeling for horses and their needs is quite strong. Even knowing that I have this gift, I can feel really insecure. Especially on days where nothing works out with my own horse.

Our story

Six and a half year ago, my horses Meknes, Nikka and Niels (who died 3 years ago), came into my life. I didn’t know if I would ever be able to ride Meknes as he was so scared. I didn’t care about the riding. Where I worried about, was that he never sparkled. He didn’t seem to enjoy life. I kept on looking for people who could help me, but nobody seemed to understand my problem, as Meknes was the sweetest horse one can imagine and had no behaviour problems as agression.

Finally Noora Ehnqvist understood us. She understood Meknes at his soul level and that was what he needed. It has changed our lives for good. She helped him heal, by recognizing his soul. By recognizing his depth en wisdom. After I had done more healing myself, I finally got the connection with Meknes I was looking for, for all those years.

Treat your horse as you want to be treated

My vision about the (horse) world, is that too little attention is given to the real needs of the horses. I truly believe that the foundation for a happy horse, is first of all, that their basic needs are met. That means 24/7 outside with shelter, living with friends and having unlimited acces to forage if possible.

In order to soften, a horse need to be given a voice. Too many horses are used as bycicles or taken care of from a human perspective. It provokes learned helplessness. I have seen many horses who have stopped communicating; they just do whatever they are told to. Other horses might run away from halters/humans, or communicate at shouting level by pushing, pulling or running people over. I truly believe, that if we listen to horses, and set clear boundaries at the same time (no pushing, pulling or biting), that horses soften quickly.

When horses feel loved and understood, we don’t need bits, spurs or pressure to control them. Then they simply want to be with us.

I just have to do this

The reason I work with horses, is that nothing makes me more happy, than being with horses. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing a change in a horse (or human) when he feels heard and seen. My purpose in life is to give horses a voice. 

I want a horse to be my friend. I want to be together as equals. My core values are; freedom, honesty, vulnerability, equality and authenticity. I live these values in my work with horses. I want to inspire other people to deeply connect with theirself and their horse too. 

What I can do for you

For myself it took years to find someone who could help me, when I couldn’t get a deeper contact with Meknes. I don’t want it to take so long for you.

If you are experiencing difficulties or misunderstandings, or if you ‘just’ want a great relationship with your horse, based on trust, love and clarity, we will investigate what can be improved. I can feel and understand horses quite quickly and deeply. I love working with horses who are a bit more ‘challenging’ and I don’t give up on them. We keep on searching what the horse is telling us, untill we found the answer. I will help you and your horse to overcome problems from the past and to build a harmonious relationship together.

My qualities

My greatest gift is that I can work with horses, who other people describe as ‘difficult’. I give these horses clear boundaries, while listening to them at the same time. I am 100% transparant with them, so they can trust me. I try to get to the essence/soul of the horse, instead of focusing too much on the behaviour (outer layer). I have done much healing on myself, to be able to listen as clearly as possible.

Comments about my work mostly sound like: ‘I don’t really understand (yet) what you are saying, but I see the difference in the horse’.

You make your way by walking

My horses and me, are the living examples that you can overcome most obstacles in life. Being insecure myself and having 2 insecure horses, we traveled together through Europe. I wanted to find our home in Spain or Portugal. In January 2017, we let go of everything and started to travel with the three of us. Together we walked 4 months to Santiago de Compostela and lived 24/7 together. I learned much about life and myself. We have faced many hardships, but all lessons were valuable to understand myself and my horses at a deeper level.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more what I can do for you, send me a message. For inspiration you can read the different blogs or my lessons from my pilgrimage with Meknes and Nikka. To meet like minded people, join our facebook community.