Following my heart

My name is Mirjam Voets, and I am 42 years old. In january 2017, I decided to start living my dream. I left the Netherlands with my two horses, to travel with them towards Spain and Portugal, to find our home. I truly wanted to follow my heart. My desire was to live together with my horses in a mild climate.

Facing fears

Leaving the Netherlands wasn’t easy. It took me years te get ready for it. I had so many fears to face. And during our trip we faced many hardships. I learned that living my dream was far from easy. Over and over again I had to look fear in the eye. I don’t regret a second of our trip, though. I learnt so much.


The first year was about me growing as a person. The second year is about me growing as a professional with horses. I worked with as many horses as I could and I rehabilitated as many as I could. I share my lessons from my trip, my own horses and other horses I met, to inspire you to get a deeper contact with yourself and your horse too.


Obviously, I adore horses and I was always fascinated by the way they think, feel and learn. My first course to understand them was ‘taming wild horses’ in Argentina. Years later I became a student of Noora Ehnqvist. I let myself be inspired by people as Frédèric Pignon (liberty work), Heather Nelson (liberty work), Tom Nagel (Zen and horseback riding), Bent Branderup, Christopher Dahlgren, Greetje Hakfort and Kenneth van Sweevelt (academical art of riding).  

Holistic view – voice

As you can see. I don’t have ‘a discipline’. When I work with horses I look at the whole picture: mentaly, phisicaly, energeticaly, emotionaly and spiritualy. I love to work in liberty when it is possible, as it is really important to me to give horses a voice.

Equine assisted coach

Before leaving on this trip, I worked five yeas as an equine assisted coach with Meknes and Nikka. My horses helped people to grow. The 5 years I spent in the Netherlands, I used to do educate myself at a deeper level in coaching and therapy (NLP, EMDR, constellation work, equine assisted coaching). Now I to help horses too. I want to inspire and guide people who want their horses to grow and heal.

Personal development

Personal development (mentally, physically, spiritually) is important for me as we never stop learning. I love to learn from life and from my horses. I take challenges in life as lessons as they help me to become closer to who I truly am. By being me I can connect deeper with horses and invite others to do the same.


My core values are; freedom, honesty, vulnerability, equality and authenticity.

I believe in karma. I believe in the good. I love light, the sun, warmth, Spain and Latin America. I am sensitive and am a romanthisist. I love salsa dancing, learning, travelling, nature, meeting people, deep talks, spending time with (my) horses, bonfires, yoga and writing.

Purpuse in life

My purpose in life is to give horses a voice, and to be as real and honest as I can be. I like to inspire others to deeply connect to horses too.