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A beautiful word that refers to our deepest self, to the essence of who we are.

Just close your eyes for a moment, and feel how great would it be, if we could truly be ourselves without masks.

Unfortunately, many of us, put on a mask, because of what other people might think of us. We pretend to be someone ‘fake’, in order to be accepted, or to avoid conflict….

People go away from their feelings, their hearts, their souls and true selves, because of fear of what other people think, or to make money instead of a living. Can you feel how sadly and devastating it is? Can you feel how much violence it does to one self to pretend, or to live a life like ‘as if’?

How many of us, were encouraged to explore their uniqueness as child? Unfortunately, most of us are educated according to the values of society and how you should behave, because of what other people might think of us. 

There are many moments in life, that we go away from our soul.

Soul and horses

And than, when we talk about horses, I see in daily life, that many horses are treated like soulless ‘objects’. We ‘buy’ horses, we talk about ‘good bloodlines’ and make many choices for them. How many horses can choose their own partner or their own friends? How many horses can choose if they want to be stabled or stay outside?

It looks like many people still believe that horses don’t have souls. And if they do believe they have, that they don’t consider the horses’ soul as equal to ours. But horses have souls too. They have deep emotions and feelings.

The story of Meknes

When my horse Meknes, came into my life in 2011, I struggled for many years to truly connect with him. Even giving him all my love, he never seemed to sparkle. I couldn’t find, what would make him happy.

Than I met Noora Ehnqvist. When she worked with Meknes, something essential changed in him. He opened himself, as he felt seen, heard and understood at his deepest level for the first time. He was recognized as a deep, wise, old soul. Finally he was seen for who he truly was/is.


From Meknes and my own experience as a child, where I was raised with the fear of ‘what others might think’,  I learned how important it is that horses (and humans) feel truly heard, seen and understood at soul level. That’s why I started soulpride. I want to bring back the sparkle in the eyes of horses. I want horses to be seen and recognized for who they are.

Nothing is more healing in life, than a soul being seen.


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