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Do you want to be who you truly are?
Do you want to live according to your core values?
Do you want to shine?
Do you want to heal?
Do you want to be in harmony with others and your environment?
Do you want to learn from horses?
Do you want to offer horses the same?

My mission in daily practice

I want to inspire you, to grow and heal and to be truly you, by sharing the lessons from my (spiritual) journey with my horses in blogs and videos, and in clinics and interactions with horses in northern Spain.

I guide horses who have difficulties in behaviour, in sessions with them and their ‘owners’. We explain them that their defence mechanisms are no longer necessary and that they no longer need to protect themselves. We will let them feel that we truly do our best to listen to them, and that we try to understand their essence. We let them feel that we respect them for who they are.

We will let them feel heard and understood even more, by organizing interactions with humans who are willing to meet their souls.

I believe we can create a beautiful world for humans and horses. 

If we heal ourselves we can create a world full of love, empathy, understanding, compassion, openness, softness and vulnerability.

During my two-year (spiritual) journey with my horses Meknes and Nikka, I got many lessons from universe and my horses.

One of the most important ones, was to always be faithful to myself. Healing myself, and being more me, created more softness. Not only for myself, but for others too.

Experiencing how much our experience brought us, I love to inspire and guide others, to heal and connect to their soul too. 

 …Eyes are the window to the soul…

Years ago, Meknes, the sweetest horse one can imagine came into my life. He loved to be hugged and he tried to please me as much as he could. His eyes just never sparkled.

…True beauty comes from within…

Until Noora Ehnqvist recognized his beautiful soul. Finally, he felt loved and understood for who he truly was. From then on, his eyes have a sparkle and he’s even more beautiful than he already was.

…Treat others as you want to be treated…

What I learned from this life-changing experience, and from my own life experience, is that the most important thing in life is, to be who we truly are, and to be seen and loved for that.