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We can create a beautiful world, if we can truly connect to our essence. By being real, we can create a world for ourselves and our horses, full of love, empathy, understanding, compassion, openness, softness and vulnerability.

During my two-year (spiritual) journey with my horses Meknes and Nikka, I learned to always stay connected to my soul, my essence. Being me, instead of who society wanted me to be, created love for myself.

Experiencing how much, this connection to my soul (and body as an instrument), brought me, I love to inspire you (and your horse), to connect to your essence too.

My mission in daily practice

I want to inspire you, to be truly you. Therefore I share my lessons from my (spiritual) journey with my horses in blogs, videos, articles, books and interactions at soul level with my horses in Northern Spain.

People who want a (new) relationship with their horse, based on trust and understanding can ask for (video)guidance. We will take a path in which we honor our soul, and the soul of the horse.

 …Eyes are the window to the soul…

Years ago, Meknes, the sweetest horse one can imagine came into my life. He tried to please me as much as he could. His eyes just never sparkled. Until…his beautiful soul was truly seen and recognized. Finally, he felt loved and understood for who he truly was. From then on, his eyes have a sparkle and he’s more beautiful than he already was.

…Treat others as you want to be treated…

What I learned, is that the most important thing in life is, to be able to be who we truly are, and to be loved, seen, accepted and understood for that. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others is to recognize our soul.